Bodystat products have a wide range of uses across a number of industries. Find out how our devices can help those undertaking clinical trials and research studies achieve fast, accurate results.

Clinical Trials and Research Studies

Since 1990, Bodystat body composition and hydration monitoring devices have been used by Pharmaceutical companies in a large number of trials and research studies. Below are several recently published research papers in which Bodystat devices were involved:

Bariatric Surgery Outcomes in Sarcopenic Obesity

Sarcopenic obesity is the combination of low muscle mass and strength with increased fat mass. This condition is associated with…

Phase angle and mortality a systematic review

The phase angle, expressed through bioelectrical impedance, has been studied as a prognostic marker in several health conditions. As this…

Mortality in adult patients with fluid overload

The aim of this study was to investigate the association of fluid overload, measured by bioelectrical impedance vector analysis (BIVA) and…

Recommended Products

Bodystat 1500 Touch Body Composition Device

Bodystat 1500 Touch

The 1500 Touch gives amazingly accurate results for body fat, lean muscle mass, dry and lean hydration. Like the 500 Touch, the 1500 is also small enough to fit right in your pocket.

Bodystat 1500 MDD Touch

Bodystat 1500 MDD Touch

The 1500 MDD Touch is a more advanced version of the 1500 Touch. This device has the added ability to monitor cellular health and nutritional status.

Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch Body Composition Device

Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch

The Quadscan 4000 Touch is the most popular device for use in hospitals and medical settings. It is often used in ICU’s, lymphedema monitoring, diabetes and renal clinics.

Bodystat Multiscan 5000 Touch

Bodystat Multiscan 5000 Touch

The Multiscan 5000 Touch is a spectroscopy device that is regularly used in dialysis clinics to help measure a patient’s dry weight. Like the other devices, the Multiscan also has a colour touch screen display.


Instant Results

Results within seconds of performing the test and can quickly be compared to previous results to understand patient status.

Accuracy and Reproducibility

The repeatable accuracy of the Bodystat devices and software has consistently been proven through their extensive use in both the medical environment and research.

Ease of Use

Bodystat devices are very easy to use, making them great for quick, regular monitoring frequently as required.


Our devices can be easily customised to display only raw data or specific results, making measurements for research very simple.

Exact Time

Real time clock allows for exact time of measurement.

Data Integrity

Measurement data may be downloaded from the device straight into a Bodystat software program without having to re-enter any data.

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