Phase Angle

what is phase angle?

Bodystat’s Phase Angle is an electronic measurement of the quality of the body cell membrane using a phase sensitive BIA device at a frequency of 50kHz.

When a cell membrane loses its ability to function efficiently, as it does with malnutrition or disease, it essentially loses its ability to store electrons and can no longer function as an effective capacitor. This is where Phase Angle comes in. The Phase Angle is the measurement of the functionality and health of the cell membrane. If there are leaks in the cell membrane, often the ability of the cell membrane to hold on to voltage will decrease, thus the Phase Angle will decrease. A high Phase Angle generally shows good health, and a low Phase Angle is often associated with a decline in health.


Phase Angle is used in many hospitals to monitor nutritional assessment and is recognised as a general ‘wellness’ biomarker. More recently however, this measurement has found its way into the health and fitness industry as there is a significant statistical correlation between Phase Angle and lean muscle mass. As well as the multitude of benefits in a clinical setting, Phase Angle is increasingly becoming known as an indicator for muscle strength and nutritional status. This makes Bodystat devices excellent for use in a wide variety of potential applications such as sports injury, rehabilitation and tracking of strength training.

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