Bodystat work hard to continually improve the range of Bodystat products. We offer features and technology that our competitors simply aren’t able to match.

Product Features

The following are features of ALL Bodystat body composition products. Our engineers work hard to continually produce groundbreaking technology so that our customers get the best experience imaginable.

Lightweight, portable hand-held device

Four electrode measurements, patient lying down ideally

Wonderful colour touch screen display

Non-invasive, safe and easy to use

Robust build with no maintenance required

No specialist skills or training needed

Results available on screen in seconds

No computer required to view data – but an optional Windows software is available to plot results

Able to recall data for up to 100 tests (1000 tests in Multiscan 5000)

Accepts both metric and imperial units

Comes with calibrator for self-testing hardware

All results display recommended ranges for patient

Low battery warning system

12 month parts and labour warranty

Quality Clearance: CE 0120 Medical Devices Directive and FDA

ISO 13485 company accreditation

Product Range

Bodystat 1500 Touch Body Composition Device

Bodystat 1500 Touch

The 1500 Touch gives amazingly accurate results for body fat, lean muscle mass, dry and lean hydration. Like the 500 Touch, the 1500 is also small enough to fit right in your pocket.

Bodystat 1500 MDD Touch

Bodystat 1500 MDD Touch

The 1500 MDD Touch is a more advanced version of the 1500 Touch. This device has the added ability to monitor cellular health and nutritional status.

Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch Body Composition Device

Bodystat Quadscan 4000 Touch

The Quadscan 4000 Touch is the most popular device for use in hospitals and medical settings. It is often used in ICU’s, lymphedema monitoring, diabetes and renal clinics.

Bodystat Multiscan 5000 Body Composition Device

Bodystat Multiscan 5000 Touch

The Multiscan 5000 Touch is a spectroscopy device that is regularly used in dialysis clinics to help measure a patient’s dry weight. Like the other devices, the Multiscan also has a colour touch screen display.

Bodystat BS Elec 0525 electrodes

Bodystat Electrodes

Our range of electrodes, specially designed to be used with Bodystat products.


  • Can help with increase in gym membership and referrals
  • Medically proven whole body composition analysis and core cellular health measurement
  • Additional information on top of BMI
  • Fantastic and easily trackable motivational tool for weight loss programs
  • Accurate tracking of changes in body fat, hydration & lean muscle mass
  • Fast, cost-effective, reproducible and reliable results
  • Trend graphs available for quick evaluation for remedial action (available with Bodystat software)
  • Software includes a cardiac risk analysis
  • Unique Wellness MarkerTM (Impedance Ratio) for general health assessment (only available in the Bodystat 1500MDD device)
  • Quick and non-invasive assessment of hydration and nutrition status
  • Monitor the potential risk of lymphedema in post-operative patients (Quadscan 4000, Multiscan 5000 only)
  • Unique Prediction MarkerTM(Impedance Ratio) to assess fluid shifts intra-cellularly/extracellularly (available in the Quadscan 4000 and Multiscan 5000 only)
  • Determine if weight gain is due to increase in fluid retention or lean body mass
  • Accurate patient monitoring allows for quick action to be taken to improve health
  • Easy user interface allows for regular monitoring of status as frequently as required (minutes, hours, days, etc)
  • Measurement parameters can be simply selected/changed to meet your specific needs
  • Automatic selection of equations for Children and Adults, depending on age entered (not available in the Bodystat 1500 hardware)
  • Instant results viewable on clear touch screen
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