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Find out more about Bodystat’s journey, what we hope to achieve and how the company has grown into what it has today.

Who We Are

our beginnings

Bodystat started in 1990 as a small business run out of the family home. It was founded by passion and a driven belief in the innovative body composition technology that was being built. Since then, the company has grown substantially and relocated to the Isle of Man.

our goals

Our goal is to offer a product that customers can use to take charge of their own wellbeing. Bodystat works hard to keep up with the latest advancements in medical science and ensure that we can keep offering customers new, innovative technology.

what we do

Bodystat specialise in body composition technology. Our products use a number of different technologies to measure body composition and hydration within the human body. We research non-invasive bioelectrical impedance technology to provide the most advanced electronics that accurately measure body composition and hydration. We have over 80 years collective in-house experience in Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), so we are able to correctly analyse the science behind the data, giving you a well rounded and in-depth body fat and hydration analysis.

Bodystat have a varying range of products to cover all of your body composition needs. Whether it be for medical, research or fitness purposes, confidence in your results is the greatest motivation for continual improvement.

frequently asked questions

If you want more information about Bodystat devices or any of the terminology you find on this website, visit our international support page.

Our Markets


Our devices can help those in the medical field measure particular conditions and precisely monitor patient recovery.


Bodystat products can help those undertaking clinical trials and research studies achieve fast, accurate results.


Find out how Bodystat devices can help those in the fitness industries better monitor their clients progress.

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