Bodystat products have a wide range of uses across a number of industries. Find out how our devices can help those in the health and fitness industries better monitor their clients progress.

Recommended Products

Our devices are fantastically suited for use by personal trainers and gyms. Countless gym owners have gained the edge over their competition by offering accurate and professional body composition measurements to their clients. Bodystat devices give accurate, medically graded measurements in a matter of seconds, making them ideal for timed personal training sessions. The following Bodystat products are best suited for fitness applications:

Bodystat 1500 Touch Body Composition Device

Bodystat 1500 Touch

The 1500 Touch gives amazingly accurate results for body fat, lean muscle mass, dry and lean hydration. This device is small enough to fit right in your pocket.

Bodystat 1500 MDD Touch

Bodystat 1500 MDD Touch

The 1500 MDD Touch is a more advanced version of the 1500 Touch. This device has the added ability to monitor cellular health and nutritional status.


Increase Revenue

The majority of international fitness centres charge their members for The Bodystat Test – a proven revenue generator of 30-50k pa for the average instructor.

Accurate Breakdowns

Bodystat devices give you an accurate breakdown for lean muscle, fat and water, so you can see exactly where you are losing or gaining weight.

Increase Engagement

Help educate clients and members about true body composition instead of relying on weighing scales.


Accurate measurements will show subtle changes taking place within a client’s body composition. Tangible changes will motivate clients to continue with their fitness regime.

Increase Referrals

Clients love the depth of analysis that Bodystat devices give them – which leads them to sharing their statistics with friends and increase referrals.


Bodystat devices give accurate body composition and hydration results. There are a number of research papers comparing our devices against gold standards.

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